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Parking & Transportation

Parking at FNUniv 

Regina Campus Parking 

All parking on FNUniv‚Äôs Regina campus is paid parking. Parking is managed and monitored through the University of Regina Facilities Management. Revenue generated from ‚Äúuser pay‚ÄĚ fees provides the funding for parking operations, infrastructure construction & maintenance and related parking infrastructure expenses. 

Several parking options are available to you, depending who you are and what your parking needs are.  Please visit the page to find out your parking options and if you require a parking permit. 

FNUniv students and guests can use the paybyphone app or pay stations to park at FNUniv Regina Campus. Read more about the locations and parking durations.

Saskatoon Campus Parking 

The Saskatoon Campus is located at 103B Packham Avenue. There is free parking in designated spaces in parking lot and on Packham Avenue. 

Northern Campus Parking 

The Northern Campus is located at 1301 Central Avenue. There is free parking in the parkade, and metered parking on Central Avenue. 

Transportation to FNUniv Campuses 

Regina Campus

For more information on public transit to the Regina Campus, please visit or the .   

Saskatoon Campus

For more information on public transit to the Saskatoon Campus, please visit the . 

Northern Campus

For more information on public transit to the Northern Campus, please visit the .  

Event Parking 

External event organizers and attendees are required to pay for parking for the duration of the event at FNUniv.  

Please see the Regina Campus Parking above for more information.  

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